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Carol’s Coming Out Story

If you’re gay, coming out and admitting it to others can be hard. n2k reader Carol, 16, tells us what it was like when she admitted she’d fallen for one of her mates and how the experience made her stronger.

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Coming Out

Coming to terms with your sexuality can be difficult. You may be worried about people’s reactions, or hoping that the feelings will just go away so that you can ‘fit in’. Some people decide to let people know about their

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Teen Pregnancies On The Up

A new report says that pregnancy rates for girls aged between 13 and 15 have gone up. Abortions in young teenagers are also on the increase: official figures say that 57 per cent of pregnant under 16s decided to have

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Sex And Sexuality: The Basics

Despite what your friends might say, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin. If you feel your friends or your partner is pressurising into you having sex, ask them to stop. If they don’t, get new friends or a

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We Say No To Sex

You might think that every teen is having sex, but there is a small group of young people who’d rather wait before losing their virginity. Need to know talks to four of them to find out why they’re willing to

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Are You Pregnant?

If you’re having sex, then you should always use some kind of contraception. There are many different types available , but only condoms also help to prevent sexually transmitted infections. Morning after pill If you have had unprotected sex very

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