Climate Change

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Extreme Weather

In recent years the UK has been hit with some crazy forms of weather. Here are some extreme cases. Mega heat wave In August 2003, England and the rest of Europe were hit with the hottest heatwave ever recorded. In

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Eco Care

Celebs, the media and experts are constantly on us to go green. But do young people really care? UK attitude Recent research found that young people in UK and the states are less worried about the future of the planet

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Climate Change: The Basics

Climate change Everybody seems to be saying that the weather is changing. Summers are getting warmer and winters are getting milder and wetter. But while most of us are taking advantage of the increase in temperature at the beach, climate

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How Green Are You?

Are you the type who cares about the environment or do you think it’s somebody else’s problem? Do you leave a trail of waste behind you or do you leave everything just as you found it? Take our test to

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How We Get Around

Have reports of climate change crisis made you think about the way you get from A to B or are you still happy to travel in cars? We ask n2k readers how environmentally-friendly their travelling habits are. Get your motor

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Save The Planet

Everybody is talking about climate change these days. But do we really know what it’s all about? And more importantly what can we do about it? Find out what you can do to help in the fight against climate change

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Go With The Flow

Today is World Water Day, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of water not just for us, but for those in less developed countries. Most of us probably take water for granted. While some young people across the

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Let’s Make A Change

Natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes remind us just how fragile our planet can be. But there are other problems the planet has to face: pollution and the use of its natural resources by the people that call it home.

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